Add heatfs for M551/76 or keep it in 6.7

Is there any reason why M551/76 needs to be 7.0? I don’t understand why each of time battle pass vehicles are nerfed before it was sale at Gaijin market, just a few of players play that and then the data of these vehicles is pretty good(think about PT76-57 and object 248 lmao), If it goes to 7.0, pls add the HEAT-FS at least, 76mm apds is really trash…

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Did it have heatfs in real life?

Then why would the German Bulldog be at 6.7 or the T92 at 7.0?
It trade off the Heat-fs which isn’t that good anyway for a stab so i don’t see why it should be at 6.7

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I would honestly take the stab over the HEATFS anytime. At least the T92 is pretty small, and has a faster fire rate, but it is at 7.0.

Because it is wayyyyyyy to good for 6.7. And I love it, but I knew it was too good to last.

If it got HEAT-FS I think it would go to 7.3-7.7, so I think imma have to say no on this one, though I would love to have it