Add drop tanks for F-14

Most second- and third-generation fighters in WarThunder have got drop tanks(except Su-27/J-11). However, F-14A and F-14B have no drop tanks yet.

F-14s were equipped with two different kinds of drop tanks, with a volume of 1011 L(with fins) and 1022 L(without fins) respectively. They can be mounted under the air inlet.

Images showing F-14 with drop tanks. These drop tanks are the 1022 L type.

Although F-14s are fighters with long combat radius, due to the extremely high oil consumption of their TF-30 or F-110 engines, additional drop tanks are a necessity.

For Tomcats in WarThunder, adding drop tanks brings more choices for players, and more strategies to take. More oil means more time to fight and more time for afterburner, and alse more weight and less maneuverability. The massive oil amount demonstrates F-14’s role as a long-range interceptor and air-superiority fighter.

So plz add drop tanks for F-14s.


They should be added for sure…
However, unlike Kfir, you’re not really at-risk of running out of fuel in an air RB match.
You go into the battlefield off AB, and that leaves you with a lot of fuel for the engagements.
It’s also why I stopped carrying external fuel pod on F-16s as well.
Bringing only 30 minutes on Afghanistan.


For RB battles, full oil amount is enough in most situation(from my pov). Adding drop tanks provides more choices.
However in SB battles, F-14’s fuel amount is not that suffient due to its massive fuel consumption, especially in big maps. Actually that’s the main reason that i put forward this suggestion.


I mean even those maps are small enough to burn across the whole map and back. For more endurance just go down to mill power^^

Yes and no. In RB, for dogfights, it is ideal to have as little fuel as possible to decrease weight.
Running Drop Tanks gives you the option of ditching extra weight early on (by running less fuel internally, and when the tanks are dropped, consequentially means you weigh less) to give you an advantage. It’s something that while the F-14 can probably live without on balance, does certainly do it some favours.

That said, I’d evaluate Phantom wing drop tanks as more urgent as some aircraft lose the ability to carry a gun if they take a drop tank.

I agree, but not all toptiers need it, +it adds a ton of drag

You will be happy to hear that Dev Server added the 280 gallon drop tanks to both F-14A early and F-14B.

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