Add an Option to Highlight Shell Trajectory/Impact in Replays

[Would you like to see shell trajectory highlights/impact markers in-game?]
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When viewing replays, following a shell and finding the impact point can be tricky at times. I believe new controls called “Highlight Shells” could be added under the Spectator Camera section to highlight shell trajectories and impact points.

The way I envision this being implemented is a new button that when pressed shows the shell trajectory and impact point of the most recently fired shell (not including MG calibers, except for vehicles in which the primary armament is a MG) of the player being spectated. When pressed a second time, shell trajectories and impact points of the most recently fired shell of all players in game would be shown. When pressed a third time, shell highlights would be disabled. Shell trajectories would be shown until a new shell is fired or the setting is disabled. An impact indicator would briefly flash for 3-5 seconds, similar to the hit marker, before disappearing to signify the shell has landed.

Ideally I would like to see this at least for tanks, however a trajectory showcase would also be useful for boats and planes, including dropped ordnance.

I see this being useful in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Visual showcase of gun ballistics
  • Gauging if you are leading an air target by too little or much. (I.E. anti-air, proximity HE shells, stealth belts)
  • Showcasing difficult, long range, or stunt shots for videos, such as those on Thunder Show
  • More easily following a custom battle or tournament via use of spectator mode

Below I will include some crude recreations of this feature.

A shell fired from a spectated player is highlighted in their team color.

A shell fired from an enemy player impacts, and a marker is shown.

A showcase of what a long-range trajectory may look like, roughly 3km in this instance.

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