Add a basic forest/green camouflage for South African ground vehicles

[Should a basic forest/green camouflage be added to the South African vehicles?]
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Currently, the South African ground vehicles do not have any kind of basic forest/green camouflage to use, apart from some of them having marketplace skins.

Discarding the couple of marketplace skins, these vehicles only have desert/tan and winter camouflages.

Bringing these vehicles into matches where the maps are not desert/arid, or winter results in a slight disadvantage due to them being more visible than other vehicles which have a forest/green camouflage.

It is understandable that in real life, most South African vehicles may not have used a forest/green camouflage due to the environment that they are used in. However, they already have winter camouflages in game, which as far as Iā€™m aware, are not used in real life.

This image shows a green camouflaged Ratel IFV as an example.

This image shows a forest camouflaged Ratel IFV as another example.

green rooikat

This image shows a green camouflaged Rooikat variant as another example.

Please note, I am unaware of the true origin of these images.

For it to be made clear when I say South African ground vehicles, the following are the vehicles that I mean:

  • SARC MkIVa

  • SARC MkVI (2pdr)

  • SARC MkVI (6pdr)

  • Concept 3

  • Ystervark

  • Bosvark

  • Ratel 90

  • G6

  • Eland 90 Mk.7

  • Ratel 20

  • Rooikat Mk.1D

  • ZTZ3A2

  • ZA-35

  • Olifant Mk.1A

  • Rooikat MTTD

  • Rooikat 105

  • Olifant Mk.2

  • TTD

I believe that this would be a good addition to the game to help balance the visibility of these vehicles when playing on a lot of the maps. Additionally, I think that if this were to be implemented, it should be a camouflage that can be unlocked through a specific amount of player kills like some of the other camouflages in the game. In particular, the camouflage in the first example given would be an ideal camouflage.

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Big ups from me. I especially love the multicolor camo you showed on the Ratel.


green rooikat
This image shows a green camouflaged Rooikat variant as another example.

Is that a Rooikat with a 40mm Bofors cannon?

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