Add a basic forest/green camouflage for South African ground vehicles

[Should a basic forest/green camouflage be added to the South African vehicles?]
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Currently, the South African ground vehicles do not have any kind of basic forest/green camouflage to use, apart from some of them having marketplace skins.

Discarding the couple of marketplace skins, these vehicles only have desert/tan and winter camouflages.

Bringing these vehicles into matches where the maps are not desert/arid, or winter results in a slight disadvantage due to them being more visible than other vehicles which have a forest/green camouflage.

It is understandable that in real life, most South African vehicles may not have used a forest/green camouflage due to the environment that they are used in. However, they already have winter camouflages in game, which as far as I’m aware, are not used in real life.

This image shows a green camouflaged Ratel IFV as an example.

This image shows a forest camouflaged Ratel IFV as another example.

green rooikat

This image shows a green camouflaged Rooikat variant as another example.

Please note, I am unaware of the true origin of these images.

For it to be made clear when I say South African ground vehicles, the following are the vehicles that I mean:

  • SARC MkIVa

  • SARC MkVI (2pdr)

  • SARC MkVI (6pdr)

  • Concept 3

  • Ystervark

  • Bosvark

  • Ratel 90

  • G6

  • Eland 90 Mk.7

  • Ratel 20

  • Rooikat Mk.1D

  • ZTZ3A2

  • ZA-35

  • Olifant Mk.1A

  • Rooikat MTTD

  • Rooikat 105

  • Olifant Mk.2

  • TTD

I believe that this would be a good addition to the game to help balance the visibility of these vehicles when playing on a lot of the maps. Additionally, I think that if this were to be implemented, it should be a camouflage that can be unlocked through a specific amount of player kills like some of the other camouflages in the game. In particular, the camouflage in the first example given would be an ideal camouflage.


Big ups from me. I especially love the multicolor camo you showed on the Ratel.


green rooikat
This image shows a green camouflaged Rooikat variant as another example.

Is that a Rooikat with a 40mm Bofors cannon?


I’d like to point out that at one point or another, Gaijin did have green camouflage for South African vehicles as exampled by the devblog on Rooikat Mk.1D

All vehicles should have a standard green. It provides an unfair disadvantage for South African vehicles to have to stick out like a sore thumb in every environment when no other country has this problem.

Big +1 from me. Give SA their green camos. It would be literally effortless and cost nothing but be such a welcome change…


Can’t say I have seen this before. It looks good though, not sure why they haven’t included it as a base camouflage for them.

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+1 for a universal SA green camo



(The colour of these olifants is fairly unclear but it seems like more of a green than a tan)




@Smin1080p Could we maybe get some kind of comment on this? Seems rather unfair, making SA the only nation confined to desert camos and stick out horrendously.
Also seems like a really easy thing to fix.

Is there any news that this is planned?

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As I mentioned, suggestions are always welcomed for new camos to come to the game. It would be best to gather the proposals and make a suggestion topic for them for any camos you would like to see. Such as this one. Then we can forward them for consideration once people have had a chance to have some input.


Really want this.
Should be for all SA ground vehicles current and future.


Has this suggestion been forwarded to devs?

Been months now.

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Literally zero effort, just a fill tool to change it to green but the results? Look how much better SA vehicles look, just by using either green market skins or user skins:

Like c’mon - Why is this not already in game? We already have tanks in every other tree that never used camos you see in game, yet SA is locked to being ONLY desert camos? This could be fixed in less than a day if they wanted to and included in the next major update.


Springbok 6th South African Armoured Division on parade at Monza, Italy, 1945. This is an original colour photograph, not a colourised B&W. The South African flag can be seen in the background.

South African armoured divisions were using dark green camos in WW2, there’s no reason that the SARCs etc shouldn’t get them.


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Eland 90 Armoured Car at Bloemfontein, South Africa



Well in this case, they were using standard British vehicles and paint as part of Commonwealth forces, so its not really the SADF.
Oh and, the SARCs were one off prototypes that never went to combat. It appears that they were only painted sand. But since this game assumes they are operational vehicles…
But otherwise, as you were.

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Sure, I never claimed it was the SADF, but it literally is the ‘6th South African Armoured Division’, that was the name of the regiment. I posted it as an example of the camouflages the South African armoured divisions were using WW2, because these colours are applicable to the WW2 era SA vehicles that we have in game. Just because they were operating lend lease vehicles under commonwealth leadership doesn’t mean it isn’t part of the history of SA armoured vehicles.

Oh and, the SARCs were one off prototypes that never went to combat. It appears that they were only painted sand. But since this game assumes they are operational vehicles…

Exactly, all other prototype vehicles that only had a one-off coat of paint (like the TOG, for example) get access to a full suite of historically relevant camos for gameplay reasons. There’s no reason for the SA vehicles to be exceptions to this.