Active hydrofoils working wrong

active hydrofoils used to work fine when they were added (uss tucumcari, pg-02,) .
but when italy was added with the sparviero they changed how they work.
no longer providing active stabilisation they now work like surfae piercing foils ridding over the surface and bouncing all over with the waves instead of glidding through them they handle so bad in waves now that its imposible to hit things with mild waves in the pgh 2 tucumari with the 40mm bofors. all shots land all over the place as the ship bounces on hte waves making it imposible to use unless the sea is dead calm.
turning is also mayorly broken the ships slide around when they are on the foils as if riding on a board with no keel. boeing hydrofoils are known for their quick and efficient turining the long masts make for big rudder like strutures that aid in turning in real life they turn by rotating the front foil like a rudder, they also roll slightly to turn like an aircraft, . this was more or less correct before but now these boats are just unable to hit targets even ones close by

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Yeah i remember PG-02 turned so good and so smooth when hydros were active but then it became so weird. Now it turns slow and even just feels awkward to turn when hydrofoils are active.