Acmat VLRA TPK 641 VPC: The better French SPAA truck

I’m still pretty happy with it. You can go 90 kph on road, and having a second AA is useful given the amount of CAS people spawn.

Currently dev rotation speed is a bit lackluster compared to what it should be.

One of the skin you can have is the german carc camo to make it look modern (or count on WTlive and people with user skin :D)

About the carc camo, there is a bug report to change it to real french CCE camo you can vote for it // Issues

How long was this model in service for? (With France)

Most ACMAT were retired of service in 2018 but the SPAA variant was retired earlier (around 2010, if I’m not mistaken). Some unarmed ACMAT are still used as VIP transport for military parades.

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Can’t wait to give this thing a go

Well, another 5.3 but less but less maneuverable, easy target, less powerful, less survivability, unexpected and unwanted AA.
In a word: useless.
This is not what the French branch needed. So we have it.

I’m happy with it, the fire rate and bullet velocity is great, and the top speed is comical. Alternatively we likely would have gotten nothing. Next DCA they add should be in the 6.3-7.3 range hopefully.


I disagree strongly, it has good rate of fire and mobility, it’s a very welcome addition and I’m glad we have it.


Sorry, an anti air platform that has almost a 2000 rounds per minute fire rate (with both guns), proper elevation for anti air compared to the AMX-10p and good manoeuvrability (>20hp/ton) makes it one of the most powerful anti air platforms in the game at 5.3, far from ‘useless’. Look, I like to complain about the state of France just as much as any other French main, but this is not it.

Gaijin gets a rare congrats from me for adding this vehicle, now please focus on more french tanks!


Ntm its a core historical vehicle of the French military. Fills a much needed gap and the mobility is insane.


As the TPK 641 VPC got implemented as part of update 2.33 Air Superiority,

Moved to Implemented Suggestions. o7