ACEC Cobra 25: Belgium's Silent Scout

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In this suggestion we’ll be having a look at a light multipurpose tank made by Belgium, the ACEC Cobra 25.

The Cobra AFV was a further development of the earlier Cobra IFV. The latter had unfortunately not managed to secure any orders from Belgium or the export market. However, the company was not ready to give up yet. They came up with a light-tank chassis based on the former IFV. For this change, the Cobra IFV’s innovative electric transmission was retained, along with the wheels, tracks and suspension. Everything else inside the vehicle was rearranged to accommodate the new function of the vehicle as a reconnaissance tank. The Cobra 25 was a very light tank, still weighing in under 10 tons. Thanks to its excellent transmission, this made it a very quick and nimble vehicle.
The vehicle was once again offered on the market, but unfortunately followed its predecessors and secured 0 orders. One further development was made, but we will cover that in a different suggestion.

The Cobra 25 was fitted with the Cockerill C25 turret, a multipurpose turret that can also be found on a range of other vehicles. It features a 25mm Oerlikon KBB cannon as its main armament, with a 7.62mm machine gun as coaxial armament. The turret was also fitted with an OIP/SCS-5 x 8 periscope both for the commander and gunner, a x8 night sight for the gunner and a x6 night sight for the commander. A stabilizer was optional in this turret, but it is unclear if it was ever mounted. The cannon could be elevated up to +60° so that it could also be used as an anti-aircraft weapon.
Armor on the vehicle is expectedly light, offering protection against 105mm HE shell burst and only frontally against 7.62mm AP rounds. This light armor did keep the weight low at only 9500 kg. This allowed the 190 hp engine to accelerate the vehicle up to speeds of 80 km/h.

General characteristics:

  • Length: 5.30 m
  • Width: 2.75 m
  • Height: 1.95 m
  • Weight: 9500 kg
  • Engine: Cummins VT-190 V6 diesel, providing 190hp
  • Maximum speed: 75-80 km/h
  • Crew: 3, commander, gunner, driver


  • Main armament: 1x 25mm Oerlikon KBB cannon
  • Coaxial armament: 1x 7.62mm machine gun


  • NVD
  • (optional) stabilizer


The Cobra 25 is a unique light tank that could be really interesting if it were to come to the game. It’s good mobility combined with small silhouette should make it a master of flanking and getting into unexpected positions. From those it can use its powerful 25mm cannon to make quick work of enemy light vehicles that are foolish enough to enter its sights. The flexibility of the turret also makes it a potent SPAA platform if the chance arises. However, you will always have to keep your awareness, as even the lightest fire from enemy vehicles can pose a massive threat to your exceedingly light armor. Its playstyle would probably be somewhat comparable to the Wiesel 1A4, which is generally considered to be a fun vehicle. No matter what tree the vehicle ends up coming to, it could offer a breath of fresh air and fun gameplay to those that acquire it.


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ACEC Cobra, APC (Belgium)
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+1. If Gaijin becomes lazy enough to create a BeNeLux nation, it could fit perfectly into the French tree as a vehicle for the Belgian sub-tree.

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The people of the BeNeLux tree are putting in some good work, the new proposal should be a lot more unique in its contents.
That being said, I will always support the idea of a Belgian subtree in the French one as well

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