I’m a pc player but I don’t have my pc with me for a long time but I have a ps4 so could I connect with my pc account on ps4 and still have gaijin market when I’m on pc with the same account and progress if I’m on ps4 so like having the same account but on ps4 and pc so on ps4 it would be a console one but on pc a pc while being the same and with the same progression?

Its not possible to tranfer your PC account to PS4

I can’t even connect with my account on ps4?

no, only console to computer unfortunately.

Bruh that’s dumb

Issue is that the consols, Xbox and PS are from Sony and Microsoft and they dont want that extern Account get tranfered into console. You can tranfer a console account to PC because your Account get bassicly cloned, so you have a console and a PC account. Indepentent from each other

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Oh that make sense