Account transfer

Make it so PC players like myself can transfer our progress to Consoles, just like Console players can to PC. If it works one way, it 100% works the other. To claim otherwise is pure lies and lame excuses.

I for one lost my PC as it died on me, and cannot afford even a decent new one so I had to buy an Xbox Series X to get somewhat decent experience with Native 4K.

As I stated, you’ve made it so Console players can get their progress transfered over to PC. You can EASILY make it so PC players can access their progress on Console. As both Console and PC versions of the game are virtually identical.

Make it happen Gaijin!!!

Never going to happen. The reason that gaijin allows console transfers is because they will make more money from any new purchases once off console.

If they allowed people to transfer to console they would lose 30% of all future sales from those players. Sony, Microsoft, and steam all get a 30% cut on all purchases made from there stores. This is the reason consoles don’t have access to the marketplace.

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A bit late but i would of reccommended going to an HD build rather than trying to switch to a very different control layout. You can make a decent PC for $500.

Xbox and playstation can use a mouse and keyboard in war thunder. The only real issue is there is no way to transfer key bindings between the two.

He also said he wanted a decent experience playing at native 4K. You can’t build a 4K PC for 500 bucks.

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Not going to happen cause Microsoft says no.
Save the $600 for a new PC is all I can say.

Fair, i forgot you can get a keyboard to work on it.

I know he said he wanted 4k but i figure that it would be a better option to take a temporary downgrade to 1080 rather than buy an xbox then hope gaijin adds a PC-console transfer.

Wanna tell me where I can pick up one of these computers?

Breh, you can buy Golden Eagles, Premium, Premium Vehicles and everything on Consoles. Its not exclusive to PC at all, so thats a lame excuse. Gaijin makes just as much money off of Consoles as they do PC, the only thing Consoles dont have is that store where you can sell rare vehicles, thats it.

not what he is saying. he is saying that the console version of the store nets them less profit as Microsoft and Sony takes a 30% cut of all sales made. so if someone buys $10 worth of GJN then Gaijin only gets $7 from that sale on X-box and Playstation. if that account moves to PC then Gaijin gets all of the $10 from the same sale.

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If you google it, there are some options. Of course a better way it to build one. Maybe try newegg if you are in US or Canada.

Still a lame excuse, they owe us the ability to use accounts wherever we can, its the exact same game, all they need to do is enable transfer.

Not like those who can play the game on PC will go over to console.

I think the ability to have the account on both platforms at the same time would be the absolute best option.

that way they can remove the store from consoles and make people buy things on the website. they gain revenue and their players can hop from console to pc without issue.

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It’s not an excuse. It’s business. They don’t owe you anything. This is strictly a business decision. It would be dumb to give people the ability to transfer to console. The process to transfer to PC is already insane. It takes time and resources. But they do it because there is a chance to make more money. Spending time and money to move an account to a console to make less money is just bad business. Let’s not forget, like it or not gaijin is a business.

As for allowing PC to play on console. The console makers are not going to let war thunder inject your account into their system. You’d have to create an account and link it to your war thunder. And then someone from gaijin would have to clone it. Again time, effort, and money. But this time there’s no potential for money on gaijins part so not worth it.

Ight thanks

They sure as heck owe it to us players, we are the only reason they get paid. I don’t care if I’d have to spend 100€ just to transfer my progress, it would be my choice and their benefit. I’ve paid hundred if not thousands of euros on WT in terms of golden eagles, premium time and premium vehicles. So in a sense, like other players like me, I’ve paid their salary. Not out of line to expect them to do as asked and do the simple task of transferring my progress from one platform to the other.

Lol, no one owes you shit. Just because you spent money doesn’t equal them owing you. Hell I’ve spent close to 4k on this game. And I’m not delusional enough to think it owes me anything. I pay for a service. It rendered it. It owes me nothing more than that. Your entitlement simply because you spent some money is rather naive. The only way this game owes you anything is if you paid money and it didn’t provide the said services that you paid for. Other than that, you’re delusional.

Sure I got what I paid for but it also provided them a salary. Its not at all delusional to expect basic Customer Service, giving us the very basic option to transfer our progress from one to the other. GTA 5 did it, regardless if you went from console to PC or PC to console, they gave you a one-time chance to transfer progress. Rockstar gain nor lose a thing doing so, exact same goes for Gaijin and War Thunder. They stand to lose absolutely nothing by enabling progress transfer from PC to Console, as they already do it for Console to PC. Its not harder nor more complicated to do and they would have a happy consumer. If you don’t agree, keep it to yourself.

Also to the guy saying “you can get a PC for 500€” yeah but its a garbage PC.

I know all there is to know about PC parts, their performance and price.

Those 500€ took me years to save up with my meager broke-ass salary.

The Xbox Series X provides performance equal to a 1500+€ PC, and that’s a Hard fact that’s been proven many times over and not once been debunked.

Microsoft sells their consoles at a loss, they always have. They break more than even on the Xbox Game Pass(Formerly known as Xbox Live Gold).

I likely wont be able to buy a PC for another 10 years with my salary, and how much I can save from it. So expecting Gaijin to do basic Customer Service and transfer progress, as they already provide the service one way, is not delusional, selfish or moronic, its a basic right.

It’s not a customer service issue. It’s just something they’re not going to do. They’ve already said it multiple times. So hope, wish, request all you want It’s just not going to happen. Also everything I found online says you can’t transfer your account in GTA. Maybe at some point you could. But it’s been disabled for a while. At least from the stuff I found online. I haven’t touched GTA 5 in years so don’t know. Don’t care.

I do agree with you on the console part. The Xbox series x will run circles around any $500 PC. I do love to make fun of the PC players who try to bash me when I’m on my console. I paid less and have better quality graphics. Sure, I don’t have access to the the marketplace. But if I really wanted that I could transfer my account to PC. But then I lose my ability either play on my PC or my Xbox with my linked account.

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