Account still locked and lost original ticket request

I lost my account a long time ago due to insufficient funds. It was locked ever since and i lost my original ticket. In that original ticket it told me to pay back the funds, so years later (now) i did. And my account is still locked. So i request another ticket to get help and they wouldnt help me cuz i made a “duplicate” and its causing problems on gaijins tech support apparently. So because of that, they wont help me. They keep responding with the same computer response and it pisses me off. I hope a dev or someone in the team sees this so i can finally play the game again cuz i miss it very much. Plssss help me somebody i spent alot of money trying to get my account back. If you have any questions or need proof please message me. Thank you.

Hey if a ticket doesn’t work and you have tried everything one other option that could help you is by contacting a staff member directly via the Staff panel in the navigation bar. Its a stretch but maybe one of them could help it could take sometime but if it leads to your account been retrieved or a step in the right direction why not. Good luck with everything other than that I am stumped.