Account hacked and no acces to email to get it back

my account was hacked i think cause it was frozen cause someone tried to login now my password for war thunder is changed even tho i ddint change it, i have over 1800 hours in this game and hope i didnt just lose everything

Go to support, not the forums.

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it wont let me submit a report cause it wants to send it to the email i no longer
have access for

PM a GameMaster …

Game Masters:
(Contact them via PM if you have problem with: Chat Ban / Chat Moderation / Game Ban (excluding Bans due to Use of Forbidden Modifications / Hacking and Account Security Issues, or Teamkills. You can find them here ). Note also the languages the GM’s can be contacted in.)

  • [white_3t] - EN
  • [Alscrime]- FR, EN
  • [tbhoop] - EN
  • [Lazo1337] - EN, DE, SERBO-CROATIAN
  • [Ledo] - EN
  • [Gentlespie] - EN, SP
  • [FastGT007] - EN, DE, IT, FR
  • [EsperJosh] - EN
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  • [FlyingLeathrneck] - EN
  • [GracingLily] - EN, CN, BM, (KR)

Hello @qdJ0JzOYWD25oplT,

Only Gaijin support can help you if your account has been hacked, Please contact Gaijin support regarding questions or issues related to your account or purchases: