Account blocked?

I played many hundreds of hours on your game, spent so much money. I logged in today and my account is blocked for unknown reason to me. I dont understand it. Can we do something about it?

did you spend that much money on an account too

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As it seems, Gaijin unleashed another ban wave. There are lots of people who have been banned today.

All of these people follow the same pattern: They have never done anything wrong, be it cheating, botting or other fraudulent conduct, BUT have lend their account to a good friend who may have done this.


I never lend my account to anyone. Its only my account and Im the only owner and user. Doesnt make sense to cheat and spend so much money in the game. In this last month im minimally 100 bucks in it. I dont need to lose it because of some sort of hacks. I dont even know they exist in this game.

My account also got hit with the ban hammer, but for what reason? Apparently I was using a modified game client when I have never touched anything to do with cheats… Getting files that are skins and putting them into the game client is considered modified use of the game client???

Many people here will readily look at your game replays and tell you if you have cheated.


Feel free, I literally don’t know how to get a bot for cheating or get involved with using bots…


“waaaaaaaaaaaat? i cheated at a game and got banned, no way!!!”


you all got what you deserved.


It may seem like Im some random ass cheater crying, but im being for real, just what have I done? Hopefully support can clarify what has happened

I just watched one of your replays on el alamein you start tracking a leopard 2A4 perfectly through walls and shoot him despite being completed obscured in your gunsight then you start tracking a T-72 behind him thats behind a hill and die to a wiesal


Lmao what I only played air this month

He’s not replying to you and you’re not getting unbanned through the forum, you’re involved in the cheater ban wave you’re gonna have to start praying.

Oh didnt see that but guess I got to wait for support to reply

Good luck.

i love that these goons dont realize that everyone can watch server replays
im sitting here eating popcorn, enjoying the show. how delightful ;-)


Oh you lied you were playijg tanks two days ago


No, you didn’t. So much for your credibility. Or are you letting other people play with your account?


Thank you, I’ve been afraid to put a voice out because of the get over it cheater treatment