Account Ban in Sim battles

I was in my 3nd game ever of sim ground battles and got a 24 hour ban for team killing (complete accidents x 3 across the 3 games) I am sorry. It was hard to learn the friendly tanks when spotting with IR for me. I work 60 hours a week and I was unaware of this ban. I will no longer play sim battles, I learned my lesson. Please unban me. I start my 60 hour work week tomorrow and would like to enjoy my last day off playing my favorite game. I did not know about the range finder friendly marker? I marked a few and didn’t notice it but saw a thread on it.

Auto ban for TK is… well, auto. I am sorry, but we will not lift it, you need to wait that 24h.
Since you know how rangefinder works now (you can use it to check who’s friendly-foe), I guess you can safely return to play SB :)


That is unfortunate. Has there been any thoughts on trying to implement a ban on sim battles only for team killing, still allowing you to play other modes, for those of us who have only played a few sim battles? I understand I was kicked from my 2nd game as a “warning” I guess, but I feel that a message alert saying something along the lines of “your account will suffer a ban if you continue this behavior” would be beneficial in these types of circumstances. I only respond with these suggestions with the hope that the process improves for others who are unaware as I was. I understand being stern keeps for a good clean game, but game modes die from being unfriendly for new comers. Honest mistakes happen often and I hope the process adjusts slightly to account for that. Thanks for your time.

Bro just wait and then return to play SB, teamkiling is ok on SB, it’s something that happens.

I was on a match yesterday a MBT-70 destroyed a allied, and he got also destroyed then in the enemy team a BMP-2M also killed a 2S25M. The reason I don’t know.

It ia not fine, ban saves people
But people must save themselves, by making teammates have exp of GSB