Accidental control reset

i tried setting up my thrustmaster and accidentally reset my controls. im pretty sure i made a back up using export to file but when i try import to file the controls are still the default ones.

does anyone know if i can get my old controls back, and how do i stop this from happening again?

If you dont have a working file to import, nothing much you can do.

Best thing you can do is to always have a controls file on hand. Maybe even have screen shots as a back up

i went through all the controls and got about 90% of them back, thank you tho :D

Please make sure you save them to a file so that way if your controls ever go poof you can just import the file and have them all back^^


Yeah, controls are not cloud based, unfortunately.
Hopefuly Gaijin will improve the controls management.

So always create a backup file of controls that you setup and you are happy with.

Its especially painful, if you play more than one of Air/Ground/Naval

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