Acceleration performance of AAM-4 air-to-air missile

AAM-4 acceleration is slow; AAM-4 acceleration is at least as good or better than aim7f or aim120a.


I agree, i think there is some maths mistake behind this, the booster efficiency is the worst out of any air to air missile, rocket, etc
Either the booster burns for a way too short time or the thrust is too low, or both.
Most missiles in the game have an ISP between 200 and 240, this one is 5 times less efficient.
I hope the missile is just WIP…


the funny thing is this missile should have the longest range out of the current fox 3s currently in game…


Yes, it’s obviously unfinished

I’m not holding my breath on hoping it’ll get fixed, many dev server things have came before, and have been unchanged. This may just be the straw that breaks the camels back and make me actually go grind America for the aim120as. especially since this missile is especially susceptible to the no valid public information curse.


If the AAM-4 is implemented as it is, I believe the F-15J Kai will become the weakest aircraft that can’t win against anyone, equipped with a missile that is useless in both speed and range, even losing to the Sparrow.
Oh God, please grant it either range or speed and save it.


+1 AAM-4’s seem to be underperforming a LOT.

Well, this poor performance is a natural consequence of the fact that we have only made the initial weight heavier and thicker from MICA’s copy and paste. As a result of the copy-paste, the missile length and warhead weight are also wrong and will probably be corrected. The weight after the booster burn is properly corrected (perhaps around 120kg~140kg?) and the total acceleration is about the same as now (900m/s~1000m/s) with the thrust to match, the missile will receive the same amount of velocity energy as the R-77, and given the better drag coefficient, it will have a range that at least exceeds that of the R-77. However, acceleration is not likely to improve that much (the AAM-4 is supposed to be a missile that accelerates around a sustainer booster like the AIM-7F), so it may not be that effective in WT, where close range fights are frequent.