Abuse of the flagging system

So since I have partaken in arguments on this upcoming update, I have noticed that some group of players when angered may utilize the comment flagging system for spite and to try and hide arguments, not ganna say which group of players you can prob guess from my post history, but this system lets people flag others comments as off topic or inappropriate which when used with no ill intent is good, however when arguments get heated and some peoples arguments start to get pushed back they can just mark them as off topic and such, with a high enough trust level nothing you can really do.

Frankly this kind of “community moderation” is why I dislike these new forums, they seem too silicon valley which is a bad thing.


I saw it in enlisted forum 2+ years ago and some people banned my theme and after me , and him says " lol its just rofls" i hate this forums

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yeah it is a horrid over modernization of a working system with less individuality