Abrams Sep v2 snorkels


Can we please get these snorkels removed? Because it still drowns my crew regardless if the water is above or below them. But it always gives away my hull up position lol
😝 I would very much appreciate it

If they could be fixed, and made to be deployable or something that’d be awesome, then there could be river fording to make even more tactical sense.

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Yes, it would help balance the game play as well. I have a well protected turret but get breached as soon as I take a peak(the snorkels give away my position) But idk. I believe it could help

If the deployment of the snorkel could happen, maybe even tying down the antenna on many vehicles in the same manner could be a thing too.

This could be a good suggestion to actually broaden and encompass more vehicles and purpose.

A big map could be cool to play on if a river was a barrier that normal vehicles had to race to a bridge before the enemy has a chance to destroy it.

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Can we get someone from gaijin to look this over? That’s a great idea.

The suggestion section is there, and if you suggest it in a good structured manner chances are they’ll approve it to be considered in the forum here, and later maybe worked on.

It’s all about the angle you put forth, and the evidence that you have that it could be taken down and dismantled/reassembled.

Any other vehicles that do have it, or should have it, would also help out rather than just the one would also make a more balanced suggestion.

Drafting, rewriting and formatting the post well, would also make it more likely. Check over some of the approved suggestions, and you may see some formatting techniques and pictures in spoilers and all that.

I trust you’ll have a go at it ;)

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Thanks, I sure will. I appreciate the help.

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