Abrams interior model

This is a discussion

Should I make this as a suggestion? I wanted to make sure this was a valid point to create

Seems more like a suggestion than a discussion. Since its something Gaijin should correct and if it means making a suggestion then so be it. There isn’t anything to discuss since this should be in the game by default.

You can steal this and make it a suggestion.

Do it, I’ll comment on it

Just do it yourself bud. You are the one who made this post after all.

That is a bug, and should be reported on the CBR.

For some reason I can’t post bug reports

It’s due to the image format. They need to be in-game screenshots taken with the print screen key, preferably in jpeg format. The screenshots can be found in the Warthunder install folder/screenshots folder. Also remember to include a client log (.clog) file from the same session in which you took the screenshots. Those will be located in the /.game_logs folder in the Warthunder install folder.


The mating of the hull ring and the turret’s own ring is what is primarily incorrect, due to the slight increase in heigh gaijin included and the fact that gaijin seems to include the turret’s lip into the turret drive’s armor, it causes a severe lack of armor in the area of the turret ring, to the point that very small caliber rounds that should have no chance of getting through like stuart 37mm can sneak through with the right angle.

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Isnt this already passed as a suggestion?


Also fuel tanks were passed on:


Oh hey someone did actually get to it recently. Its been so long since I last heard anyone actually speaking about it, let alone making a report about it.

Major kudos @TheRealSteve

Although, its a suggestion, so I doubt it will ever see the light of day in game.

What about the turret side armor?

Afaik the turret race is correct, maybe few mm higher than it should be.

The face yes, the ring no.


Compared to in game, the ring’s adhesion on the actual tank, as you have shown, is uniform across the ring itself, meanwhile in game, the hull for some reason has this gap from the hull and an inward facing lip that runs up into the turret to complete the seal.

To me, its almost like the turret’s lip was inverted in game as it seems like if you were to take the slope thats on the hull and place it on the turret facing outwards, it would properly seal to the hull as it does IRL.

The general gist is that the little L of void space preset on the turret ring of the M1 series in game should not be there, there is a gap between the hull and the turret, but the ring, nope.

The turret ring is bearly even visible it should become volumetric with the drivers periscope and gun mantlet depending on gun elevation. for example on the t72 the turret ring is so small youd need a rifle caliber bullet for the apfsds to not be eaten by volumetric.same goes for challanger 2 the turret ring is volumetric with the rest of the turret while the abrams turret ring just counts as a flat piece of rha. the only exception to the turret ring not being volumetric is the type 10 as far as im aware the type 10 and abrams are the only top tier mbts without volumetric turret rings.

TLDR only 2 top tier mbts dont have volumetric turret rings.
Note: the drivers viewing port should act like a solid piece of armor like it does on the t72

3+ years later and we are still talking about the turret ring in-game…

I wonder if anyone knows how to 3D model? Maybe we should show the DEVs what we want with our own model.