Abrams ammo rack priority

On the Seek and Destroy update dev server the abrams ammo rack got changed for absolutely no reason the ammo rack priority got changed to this
Is this for real or what how does that make sense ???
PS. this applies to every abrams


Is that the draw order to replenish “1st stage” (ready) ammo?
Yeah, just checked that is what it is. Technically wrong. They would have pulled #3 and put them in the ready rack first before the PITA of the protected hull ammo. But since no one carries anything but the bustle rack ammo, its kind of a mute point.

120MM models shouldnt have 3rd Rack.

That is most certainly bs moment.

Gajin will do whatever possible to make sure the abrams and USA ground is the worse in the game. Give us spaaaa


No SPAA for you sir, let’s give it to Russia at 10.0 and let other nations rot for eternity.

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I just want spaa sniffle

Kinda cause there is no appropriate ones, they either have more range than pantsir or are too bad to be above 10.7

SLAMRAAM??? Only 16km range???

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their is though. the linebacker from 2016 with amraams is a good example, or the new striker system with aim9s the list goes on and on

“That’s too OP, our Russian aircraft won’t be able to dodge it!! 😭”



I don’t actually believe in Russian Bias, but thought that was funny

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Bruh, why is it not bustle only
On the Abramses right now 1 is first stage and 4 is the one that gives ammo to first stage which makes WAY more sense than this
3 doesn’t even exist
This feels like an artificial nerf

I’d post this on the dev server topics if you can, this is really stupid

Double checked, this used to be a problem with the 105mm Abrams as well and was bug reported in 2018. Reading the comments and information there says the 3 round rack was removed on the M1A1 specifically because of the danger it came with. So this shouldn’t even exist.
Bug Report - 2018


Think we could get a fake vehicle like how the jap’s got the f16? lot of people might take that over suffering with no spaa