Abrams ammo door now a spall liner?

In the latest update (as of today) the RHA plate that sat behind the Loader and Commander on the Abrams series of MBTs is now a destructible spall liner. I didn’t see this mentioned in the changelog and was wondering if this was intended or not.

They modeled the blast panel as a destructable module last major update. It’s just a nerf


Not a spall liner, but it is a 2" Ti plate sliding door, so its plausable that it would be jam/destructible.

Ya’ll voted for added extra destructible modules for “game balance”. Don’t start bitch’in about now…


Titanium alloy has a lower ke modifier than rha, he would actually be better off if it was modelled as rha, which i think it is, as 20mm rha

Ma’ secrut dokuments says it doesn’t matter.

Par for the course, funny too that its considered a “spall shield” now yet still generates spall.

Edit, thinking about this, any other vehicle have this now too? The leopards should have it present along with the leclercs, Merkavas, Type X series tanks, XM8, CCVL, Airetes, and more that I am forgetting.


Looking at it, the bulkhead is still called RHA not a “spall liner”. As in there is no specific module for it shown. The microwave looking thing labeled “radio station” is wrong. It should still be in front of the Loader, like it still is on the plain M1.

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This is a blast door. It’s still working poorly, though. Periodically you can get a situation when you destroyed blast door, detonated shells and the tank still does not explode and gets fire instead.

More like a buff, since the only thing that changed is that now theres no spall flying into the rounds, as blast door was destructable before and upon it being hit it would lose its properties of being able to save the crew.

I wonder if they fixed the bug with blast door still savibg the crew despite being penetrated.

Before, it was just a static 20mm module that could spall. Now, its a conditional 20mm module that spalls when penetrated, then goes away, which no longer allows the blow out panels to function

In my limited testing, no bulkhead will kill you, and before, it didnt have a effect.
Its still a step towards realism, so i dont care if its a buff or a nerf

It isn’t a nerf, they just openly displayed the health of the bulkhead whereas it wasn’t displayed before

That had happened before?

Thats what I meant originally, but also static blast door would stop functioning as blast door upong being penetrated, though there was a bug with it still being functional before, IDK if its fixed.

So after testing, the leopards, type 90s, leclercs, type 10s, and merkavas have the same doors present now, however the TKXes have it modeled as two plates, with the rear plate not ceasing to be after being hit.

Along with that, some of the side facing walls can also be destroyed and some of the engine compartment firewalls inside the vehicles as well.

That and the 10mm firewall of the M1 series now generates a comical amount of spall on penetration. Thought anything under 20mm was not meant to generate spall all together.

Funny you should mention them, they don’t have blow-out panels modeled at all

Yeah, hopefully that gets fixed with these changes.