About the T-44 and IS-3 armor

The T-44 and IS-3 are well known to being mind numbing to balance. The cause is of course the armor which makes both tanks immune to conventional AP rounds. However, they pay for that in anemic guns that can’t perform in uptiers, which results in constant grimping of their BR placement.

Now here’s where things get frustrating, the armor of both of these tanks shouldnt be that good. The long 90 and German 128 should have no problems dealing with the T-44s upper frontal plate and as for the IS-3, the 128 should’ve been able to deal with it frontally outside of the pike nose itself. The american 120 im gonna have to ask someone who knows more about it to be sure. If anyone can share data on other nations guns to corroborate this please do so.

Of course we all know this is the formulas fault, but Gaijins record of having nations outside of the USSR having good slope performance extends way before the calculator. Until decompression or Gaijin updates the formua to more accurately model slope performance, these two tanks and others like it will never be in a ‘good’ BR slot.