About the Problem that the German 6.7 BR does not have Medium Tank

Among the German four-class tanks, there is no medium tank with corresponding weight, that is, 6.7. Will the official consider adding the corresponding medium tank? Or whether to consider returning the hidden Black Panther 2 to the player’s research and development, or adjust the weight. During the game, some tasks require medium tanks, and I am very distressed that there are no medium tanks in 6.7. I hope the official can give an answer.
在德系四级坦克中,没有相对应权重的中型坦克,也就是6.7,官方会是否考虑加入相对应的中型坦克?或者是否考虑将隐藏的黑豹2回归给玩家研发,或者将权重进行调整,在游玩当中,有些任务需要中型坦克去,而在 6.7没有中型坦克让我很苦恼,希望官方能给一个答复。


The Panther II will not be added back since it was a fictional vehicle, as stated by the company itself. As for a medium tank at 6.7 I hope they will add something in the near future, but the choices are slim. In fact, I can’t think of a 6.7 medium tank that Germany operated on top of my head.

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It would have to be a sub tree vehicle.

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Only thing that I can think of is if Belgium was introduced as a sub tree in Germany (though it would make more sense being under the French tree given the dominance of French in Belgium). Some sources say that Belgium operated the M26, which is at 6.7 right now. I know some people don’t think the M26 deserves to be at 6.7, in that case Belgium also operated the M46, which might be lowered to 6.7 in the future.

panther 2 as it was in the game is inaccurate and therefore was removed, the real project didn’t have the Smalturm turret, it would have been an up-armoured regular Panther turret.

I am very doubtful Germany will have this rectified soon because they don’t need a sub nation to “fill out” the tech tree. perhaps if Belgium or Holland gets added in a few years.