About the leopard 2 pso

After the version update, everyone should see the German Leopard 2PSO, during this period, many players handed GAIJIN official information about Leopard 2 PSO, but GAIJIN still made this tank into a Leopard 2A5 with a 12.7mm machine gun, today GAIJIN dares to treat a new main battle tank that Germany has been waiting for for three years, I don’t think GAIJIN will not be so perfunctory to new vehicles in other countries next time


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I agree they should either give it its armor or allow you to take off all the era and have a speedy leo

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Three years ago, when the Leopard 2A6 was just debuted, Germany was one of the best countries in War Thunder, but after only three years, it has become what it is now, so who is next? United Kingdom? France? Or the United States? This is what players should be aware of