About the armor and sighting equipment of the MBT2000

In the previous game environment, MBT2000 was placed at 10.0 because of the 125-I ammunition and artificially adjusted armor equivalents.This adjustment brought MBT2000 back to where it belonged and gave MBT2000 DTC-10, which made us very happy.
But I’m curious to know why, after this adjustment, the equivalent value of the MBT2000’s armor and the equivalent of the FY-2 explosive reactive armor it is equipped with remain the same as before, and Gaijin seems to have only remembered to give it new ammunition and forgot about the rest。
The accompanying image is the adjustment made by Gaijin in the previous update in order to stay in 10.0 MBT2000.


The round was returned only and made it 10.7, but if the armor was returned as well, it is equal in strength to the ZTZ-99 tank and it will be raised to 11.7

Wrong idea,Gaijin has always hoped that the vehicle would be more realistic, but now it seems like a means of balance

If the f16AJ can use the AGM-65 in the WT, why should MBT2000 confiscate the type of armor and ammunition it is supposed to have?

Now the company is looking for balance and because this is the way the company works and there are other implications that can be added it has higher interactive shields, the company to strike a balance will not add this level of protection Imagine that the shield is added will be very strong in 10.7 br and many players will complain that the company is biased towards Russia and China as usual and the tank will be raised from the level of 10.7 to 11.3 or 11.7

Because the options available to Japan are few, the options available were F-2 zero or F-15, and in both cases, these aircraft have not yet come, and just as this aircraft is basically added wrong, it is not justified to take the mistake as an example.

I really hope that its strongest protection will be added and I will enjoy this but from an unbiased point of view it will be strong and many will complain about it in this BR and we all know how this company after the previous boycott is listening to the players more

In fact, if you insist that gaijin is looking for game balance, then you can’t avoid the question that the protection of the T80BVM is historical, but the protection of the MBT2000 needs to be balanced?
In any case, the game is now more than 10 years old, and the data for WWII vehicles is mostly accurate, but the data for modern vehicles is rarely accurate, and in such an environment, it is reasonable to require the MBT2000 in the game to obtain their known protection against the 3BM42 ammunition.
China in the WT game really needs such an MBT with sufficient strength.

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I completely agree with you on this