About repair costs

Hi everyone,

I managed to run broke on silver lions because of the repair costs of my current deck. (Leopard 1, M48A2 C and Raketenautomat). I wanted to ask if it’s me lacking of skill to handle these tanks properly or is this general problem?
And if it’s just me: what can I do about it?
Remove some vehicle mods that are too expensive to repair?
I already tried to play more passive to stay alive for longer but that didn’t worked out because if stay to close to the spawn I get killed from bombs or helicopter rockets.

if you need more sl, play at 1 respawn. and buy PA if you dont have it

You mean only spawn once and if get killed leave the match?

It’s you!
You’re playing a BR way above your skill level. If you don’t gain SL playing, then you should play at a lower BR until you improve.

Edit: A premium account is always recommended. It gives more SL per battle, and it is not possible to loose SL.

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Looking at the research tree, the last tanks where Tiger 2 and Panther A/G/F. I don’t see how playing heavy tanks will improve my skill with my rank 5 tanks.

Play rank 2 or 3 unitl you improve.
Edit: Don’t play to grind new tanks. Play to get better.

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ok, thanks for your advise.

Play a few matches in reserve in arcade, fast and easy money, when I was a new players I used to do this when the economy was more hard to manage.

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Thanks, I totally forgot that reserve vehicles don’t get charged for repairs.


Another way to make SL is to play more than 1 lineup, more than 1 nation, and even better play more than 1 mode (land/sea/air), while turning automatic repair off, and have repair skill and repair rank researched.

That way you utilize the repair time shown on each vehicle card for free repairing - even if you do pay for repair later, the cost has decreased.

I have a “repair” preset where I put all my most expensive vehicles when I go to play another nation - having a vehicle in a selected preset decreases the repair time, even if you are playing another nation (or to put it another way - the repair time is increased if the vehicle is NOT in a selected lineup).

Current balance is 111 million SL… after buying 100 chests…

Players with (way) above average skill can break even or even make a good SL profit just by playing…simply put, they kill a lot, win and don’t die. So…lots positive SL and much less negative SL.
MOST players will have negative SL from midgame or so…depends on specific player level…

Simple (to explain) solutions

  1. Get better
  2. Play lower BRs (where income is better and being good is easier)
    I use 2) because i stopped being able to do 1) :)))))))