About price regionalization for Brazil

Yesterday there was a change in prices for Brazil, where there was a regionalization of prices, making it much more affordable for Brazilians (to get an idea about the new prices, 1 USD≅ 5 BRL), but there has not yet been any type of official announcement from Gaijin about this change, so I ask, are these new prices definitive?

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If these are definitive prices, when the sale comes I’m buying all the Tier VII Packs I don’t have yet.
It would be a very welcomed change, since it will probably allow great chunk of the Brazilian community to buy things, cos the prices before were just out of reach for many people. The most expensive pack costing as much as a premium version of a AAA game now seems way more accessible.

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I have the same question, already buyed Challenger DS Pack with this new price and i’ll buy much more when the sales come if it is definitive

Tbh even if this a bug this is much needed for everybody that live in a less developed countries (atleast quarter of the community), The price is extremely out of reach atleast for me Im a thai. The 70$ pack are around 1/3 of our minimum monthly wage.

Do they offer PCs, Screens and such for regional prices also?

"You forgot that in Brazil, near the end of the year, people receive a lot of money. This is just a promotion, I believe it’s for all countries except the USA.