About Merkava 4's

The current state of the Merkavas is quite frustrating. I don’t think it has a chance to compete with the T90M, Leopard 2A7V or other tanks. Gaijin said that “spall liners” will also come to other tanks such as the T90M and Leopard 2A7V, but there is no Merkava among them.

I’ve heard that Merkavas also have this additional armor technology. I don’t know much about it, but if it exists, it should come to Merkavas as well. Another issue I would also like to mention is the Merkavas main weapon, the 120 mm IMI MG251. It is clear that this gun is no different from the German Rh120 L/44. Isn’t this gun already a copy of the L/44? This being the case, why does the Merkava’s gun load slower than the Leopard 2’s?

If the developers did all this because Merkava is powerful, I challenge them to play Merkava. Besides, why would people play Merkava anyway? It is much more advantageous to play Leopard, I spend my time and finish the Israel tree, but I cannot get what I deserve.


Granted, the armor of the Merkava should 100 percent stop more than it does, but the gun is fine. It’s the armor issue.

If we get an armor buff, it’ll fix most of the tank’s issues.

along with leclerc yeah it need spall liner too

Just because a tank is destroyed doesn’t mean it’s bad. Today the worst RPG ammunition can penetrate 300mm armor. M60 tanks, which were despised as “old”, were more successful than Leopard 2s in Syria, along with the modernization of Turkey and Israel. The Israeli Armored Corps is very experienced when it comes to guerrilla warfare, I cannot say the same for its soldiers.

Anyway, that’s not the point. I think Merkavas should be the tanks with the best chemical resistance in the game, and the gun reload time of the tank should be reduced so that it can fight other tanks.

So what? Isn’t it normal for a tank to be destroyed as a consumable? The great Russian T-90M main battle tank was destroyed many times by the Ukrainian army
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Funny how an IFV made before the Merkava 4M can withstand 3BM42 hits to the front while the Merkava 4M can barely withstand the earliest APFSDS

Yes. It bugs me a lot as well.

But it gets worst.

DM33 overpens the Merkava 4 frontally.