About MAWS (Missile Approach Warning System)

Belgium F-16 received its own MAWS system apparently, that makes me wonder whether or not the in-game fighter jets (M2000-5, Harrier, J-8F, J-11A, Kfir etc.) which are carrying similar systems are going to get them.


I have a terrible feeling about that :(

The bad news that J-8F was the test head for MAWS is likely to continue in the next update :3
Poor airframe, poor systems(No TWS No MAWS), poor armament(PL-5B and PL-8), oh the three kinds of garbage we’ve got!


Harrier Gr7 has MAWS already, but it just got a C&P from the F-111 and needs replacing with it’s actual MAWS at some point

As I know F-15J Kai have MAWS too, they make it’s looks but not make it’s function

The 15C MISP II should as well, both share MAWS mounts on their tails against radar AAMs.

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how it work? is this a IR sensor type WAMS? or a Radar type? not sure can it detect IR missle

IR no, but these little bumps on the tails of the F-15s pick up when a SARH missile return is great enough to be a threat or when a ARH goes pitbull.

The black ones are the 15J and the airframe colored ones are the 15C.

The J should have a nub on both sides.


looks not every J has two, the one in game at real world only have one side too, not sure why

also to note the F-15J s are a domestic system called J/APQ-1 not sure how this differs from the U.S versions.

Thats the one vs two tail sensors, the J/APQ-1 adds in the second sensor, capability wise beyond the external change dunno.

MAWS are not even that good. You have to manually turn it off or it will dump all your flares.

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It will still warn you of missiles which is insanely good in Sim.

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Do we even know what the additional large pod on top of the left hand vertical stabilizer is?

Below the pod in question is the ALQ-128 RWR antenna(s), and along with the running / position lights are mirrored on the right hand side below it, since its only present on the US’s F-15, could it be the ALQ-127 / -153 Pulse doppler MAWS?

Yeah I guess

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Japan wise on the 15Js they should have no actual equipment sitting on the tail, just the little spikes which are part of the tails.

15C wise I’ve heard that its a aerial for the internal ECM.

And also Israeli aircraft should receive their version of MAW too