About another OBJ 292

So, now we have OBJ 292 in game, but there are 2 pic showing a much more completed one, with a welded turret and improved hull armor that similar to obj 187. But also named OBJ 292. What is this?

  • Balancing: Weaker armor compensate for much better gun + poor FCS.
  • Modeling: Real life so easier to get the models of it.
  • 1 more better product for near future to add.

That’s a mock-up

No, I think it’s more close to completed.
Old 2 pics are edited(by soviet officials? to hide the commander’s viewer that similar to OBJECT 477 )

And this pic, which show the structure of 292, is also this completed one.

Looks to me like a model and tried to make look legit

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I asked about a friend who know something about these russian objs, he say it’s a model, and made by a student.

That commander sight looks photoshopped

The Object 292 we have now is as much of the 292 we’ll get.

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