About a couple of Chinese airborne combat vehicles that almost no one mentions in the War Thunder forum

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The first paragraph:WZ141


【this is the first prototype built in December 1977】
【The first picture is the No. 1 prototype, and the second is the No. 2 prototype】
These three are all photos of China’s WZ141 airborne combat vehicle [WZ141 airborne combat vehicle is only an experimental prototype and has not been officially put into service],Here are all the parameters that I currently know about the WZ141 airborne tank.
【The Prototype No. 1 use Two Type 75 105mm recoilless guns with an ammunition load of 18 rounds are mounted on the turret of the fighting compartment, a Type 77 12.7mm machine gun is mounted on the top of the turret, and the WZ-141 has an HJ-73 anti-tank missile mounted on the top of each of the two guns, with an armor-piercing thickness of more than 500mm, in addition to the two pending rounds installed on the turret, there are two spare ammunition in the vehicle, and the front of the hull can withstand the fire of 7.62mm caliber rifle shells at 100 meters,It is equipped with a 176 hp TZ2120A gasoline engine developed by the Tianjin plant,The top speed is about 60 km/h】
【The second prototype uses a German F6L413F air-cooled diesel engine to increase the speed to 80km/h, and also uses double circulation, liquid-gas suspension, crawler hydraulic automatic adjustment system, etc., the machine gun uses the Type 56 7.62 mm machine gun instead of the Type 77 machine gun, the original symmetrical arrangement of the two seatless guns are now all installed on the right side of the turret, to a certain extent, the difficulty of aiming the gun commander is improved, and the HJ-73 anti-tank missile remains the same】
【The ammunition available for the 105 recoilless gun: anti-personnel blast grenades have a maximum range of about 7400m and are loaded with 2.6kg of TNT explosives, while armor-piercing shells have a direct range of about 580m, a maximum effective range of about 1020m, and a depth of 180mm for armor with a 65-degree inclination of armor.】

Section 2:ZBD-03


Next is the ZBD03 airborne combat vehicle in active service in China【The total combat weight is 8 tons, the crew is 3 people, the crew is 4 people, the length is 7.62 meters, the width is 3.04 meters, the height is 2.13 meters, the power plant is a 215 horsepower Cummins 6BTAA-215L diesel engine, the road speed is 70 kilometers per hour, and it has the ability to wade in water, and the maximum speed in the water is 6 kilometers per hour.30 mm cannon plus HJ71D anti-tank missiles.The body is equipped with 225 rounds of high-explosive grenades, as well as 125 rounds of armor-piercing shells, which penetrate 35mm/60°RHA at a distance of 1 km, and also has a 5.8mm coaxial machine gun located on the left side of the main gun, with 1000 rounds of ammunition, HJ73D uses a tandem armor-piercing warhead, so it can effectively penetrate the 280mm 68°RHA with explosive reactive armor, and the front can only resist the impact of 12.7mm machine gun bullets, and the sides of the hull can only defend against the impact of 7.62mm rifle bullets]This text will be hidden

Liquid-gas suspension of the ZBD03 airborne combat vehicle
ZBD03, a modification of the 100 mm gun plus the 30 mm cannon
ZBD03, a modification of the 30-mm cannon
ZBD03, a modification of the 120-mm howitzer

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First prototype especially looks like fun vehicle.

Moreso when china, france and israel lack any high br light tanks/ifvs.

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