Ability to send Silver lions gift to freinds

another great idea is to able to send any amount of Silver lions to any friend list would be nice as this basiclly would be a very nice mechanic and would be very usefull


Yeah I agree I really need large amounts of SLs from my friends, so then my friend said β€œIt would be really good if we had an ability like that” and I found this forum that proposed the same Idea as us

i think in my opinion this idea should be directed to the Devs for inspection

I’m afraid this would open the doors wide for farmers getting SL and selling them to the players.


but that would be better than nothing and this would be another easy way to earn money

but also that would help other players that are still having hard time gaining SL would at least ease on them

also selling unwanted aircraft or tank or ship would also be usefull if the player does not need a certain vehicle

maybe trading a vehicle with other player in exchange for SL would also be having benefit

i mean even if that is going to open the doors to the farmers but it’s going to be a great way for the players to trade with each other

I understand your point, but i would like to disagree, these practices already present in the game in the form of people selling grinded accounts for real currencies. I condemn such metods, but in my opinion the mechanic of gifting SL to friends is very useful and should be added anyways. and regarding farmers, they should be banned via some algorithms that spot unusual amount of transactions or somthing like that.

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ok thanks for your feedback and whenever you see that post cannot be done feel free to close down that post

All for it! But I would limit it cuz of hackers for like a half a milion a day or something.