Ability to introduce new mechanics and new vessels into naval

hello and to get to the topic generally i have been thinking about implementing a new mechanics for Naval for example the current depth charge it’s only use is to kill other ships right?

but in reality they sink to the bottom and then they explode

so what i suggest is to bring an option to choose the depth charge maximum depth for the target

also naval needs new type of vessels like submarines and aircraft carriers

and usually having submarines is going to make it the fact that their main purpose is to hunt enemy submarines down below the sea level

also adding a sonar to both submarines and destroyers will make the gameplay more interesting

not only that and also having some advanced naval weapons like Guided torpedos , Moss , and a submarine launched antiship missiles and adding some modern ships that has like CIWS and chaff to counter these missiles and etc

if you remember the Silent Thunder event was by far the best one so far so why not taking these mechanics only at top tier while adding WWII submarines against WWII vessels and etc also adding the mechanic for aircraft carriers to launch a specific type of planes that are controlled by AI but receiving commands only by the player both WWII and Cold War etc


correction here that enemy submarines not only having their main purpose to engage other submarines but also other vessels

also adding counter measures to submarines like noise maker and adding a mechanic where a knuckle form could disturb other torpedos

and what i mean with Knuckle is a sudden aggressive movement by submarines causing a small shockwave of bubbles underwater