Ability to introduce a tutorial for maps tranining

i know some of these ideas comes from world of tanks but it would be a good idea for new comers to make the game introduce them to map options tactics and position for Ground AB and RB and also being a good practice for old players too

i say this idea is usefull for forcing new players to learn the map if they wish to start with ground maps and teach the new players also to know thier tank by a special mechanic like

surviveability ( to teach new comers how to defend their tanks in case of the enemy is about to shoot by presenting a small profile)

mobility ( by making them for example making the players choose the fastest path to reach an A point for example and the AI does race to it too without shooting)

i know there is an armor analysis but it’s sometimes fairly inaccurate most of the time and i am looking forward to it being implemented

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forgot to mention that despite custom battles do exist they are not the best when it comes to like study like 20+ maps for tanks and that is unreliable and also once the new comers learns about the maps and the tank and etc he should be rewarded with silver lions and boosters to help him research other tech trees effectively

Presenting a small profile does very little if the enemy knows how and where to hit the target.

For mobility, not every tank has the same mobility. A tank like the M22 Locust will obviously outrun a Maus, while an M1 Abrams will be about even with a Leopard 2.

that’s not what i wanted to say

what i wanted to say is filling the tutorial section in the game for map study for beginners and being a good practice for expert players too to memorize it at least rewarding new players that are interested in Ground mixed battles would be a good introduction to map study and tank study

I know that it can be frustrating, but having played this for a while; I can tell you that there is really no way to learn these maps except to play them. There are so many different pieces of equipment available to players and so many levels of experience and play styles that you could spend your life doing tutorials and never really get the full story.

And once you think you have it figured out, somebody comes along and does something completely different. One thing that I did early on when I first started:

If I got caught by a team of experts and went through my vehicles, instead of leaving, I would cycle through the different players (Page Up & Page Down keys) and see what they did for the rest of the battle. It really flattened the learning curve for me and I learned techniques that could apply to one map or be applied across many maps. It also gave me a chance to see some of the other country’s equipment while I was still deciding what country I would stick with.

Doing that really opened up the book of WT for me, especially in Ground Mixed Battles. I still do it now but less obviously because it’s rare that I don’t finish a battle an any map. Also the GJ YouTube Channel show, The Shooting Range often has helpful bits and advice on maps straight from the devs.

Yeah, I know it’s a lot of work. I don’t know how many years later and I’m still learning new stuff. But it really takes a lot of the grind out and makes the experience much more rewarding for you in the end. I hope some of this is helpful and good luck out there!