Ability to dump fuel

If we had the Ability to dump our fuel we could go faster in our bombers, like the USA “PBY-5 Catalina” or the “PBM-1 Mariner” where we don’t need 1 hour of fuel, or if we are in a dogfight and we need to lose some extra weight to have an advantage over the other aircraft they are fighting.


This post was brought to you by the F-111 gang


Would also be an interesting way to combat some forms of fire

I’d love for fuel dump mechanic for the harrier. You can’t vtol land on a carrier with too much fuel. So being able to dump a load of fuel on approach (as they did irl) would be awesome


And heavy bomber gang, and Mosquito gang, and P-51 gang

Imagine burning enemy jets with that



Best option to deal with the enemies on your tail.


did WW2 planes have the ability to dump fuel tho? I have no doubt bombers did but did fighters?

Dollar store napalm, dump fuel on the base to damage it!

yeah but you would have to swing back around and strafe the base to light it on fire

would heat seekers aim to the flame? if they do could see some missiles with short range fuzes like the r60s missing the target completely

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They should I think.

@Lonewolf2398 Make a suggestion following the format they request. On how it would be implemented. Not just for fuel for anything that is considered internal weight.

Wait fuel dump the fuel into the afterburner and scorch the ground as CAS in RB homemade flamethrower that flies.

Text for fuel dumping was datamined a bit ago (2-ish months ago I think), so it’ll likely come.

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