AAVP-7A1 (UGWS): The Marine's Battle Bus

TLDR, big lightly armored amphibious marine transport armed with a .50 M2 and a Mk.19 grenade launcher

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In the 1960s, the US Marine Corps became interested in developing a replacement for their LVTP-5 armored transports and selected a prototype known as LVTPX12 built by FMC. Testing concluded in 1970 and resulted in an order for 942 of the newly designated LVTP-7 (to be renamed to AAVP-7 later).

In 1982, FMC was contracted to design a service life extension program for the AAVP-7 which would upgrade the engine from GM 8V53T to the Cummins VT400 diesel, developing 525hp. It would also see the addition of an exhaust smoke system as well as a set of smoke dischargers and a night vision device on the turret.

In 1987, the AAVP-7A1 was further improved with the addition an "up gunned weapon station (UGWS) which was armed with both the M2HB and the Mk.19 40mm grenade launcher.

Since 1991, AAVP-7A1’s have also been fitted with the EAAK (enhanced applique armor kit) which protects the vehicle from up to 14.5mm machine guns and 155mm artillery splinters (STANAG 4569 lvl 4)
Below you can see an example of the vehicle with (left) and without (right) the applique armor

The vehicle weighs 21,800 kg and is equipped with a 525hp engine, providing a maximum on road speed of 72km/h and a maximum water speed of 13.2 km/h

The hull of the vehicle is 8.16m long, 3.27m wide, 3.32m tall, and armored with up to 45mm of steel, being able to resist 14.5mm AP along its frontal arc.

The M2 .50 machine gun is the same as featured on countless vehicles already in game, and is equipped with a basic load of 1200 rounds in the AAVP-7.
The Mk.19 is not in game but is very similar to the M75 grenade launcher found on the american Huey’s, firing the same cartridge but at a lower rpm (60 rpm for the Mk.19). The cartridge has a flat pen of 51mm at all ranges, contains 60.8g of TNT equivalent, and has a muzzle velocity of 244 m/s.

The vehicle holds a crew of 3 of a driver, gunner, and vehicle commander and up to 21 dismounts. The turret is capable of -8 degrees of gun depression and 360 degrees of traverse.


I think this would be an interesting vehicle at somewhere between 2.0 and 3.0. It isnt very well armored at all and doesnt feature all that much firepower but the mk.19 and .50 would be more than capable of getting kills at that BR if you use the vehicles higher than average P/W ratio and the relatively unique feature of multiple smoke options that arent commonly found at that BR. This vehicle could also go to both Japan and Italy who both received the up gunned version of the AAVP-7A1 in and 1999 respectively, although the Japanese dont seem to have opted for the extra armor kit.

FM 3-22.27 (field manual for Mk.19 grenade launcher)
Bradley: A History of American Fighting and Support Vehicles (Hunnicutt)


It is a very strange vehicle.I do not know where it can fit.
Also used by the Spain.

No offense, but I think this is -1 for me. Since it is too weak to fight any armored vehicles aside from low BR vehicles, not to mention it would bring an even wider time gap in lower tiers had it actually got added.

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I’d have to say -1 to this variant, though I would like to see some other LVTP-7 variants!



Is that a Sheridan turret with a 105mm gun?

I think with some manipulation this might be able to work, but it would need a lot of careful balancing. I’ll say a tentative +1.

I will always give vehicles like these my +1 because the only thing holding them back from addition is the notion of separation by time period, which is a very prevalent mindset, especially among War Thunder OGs. This thing could easily work as a lower tier speed demon with very unique gameplay due to its low velocity armament and large size. I will say, however, if this vehicle IS added, it should be without the EAAK package. I say this mainly for balance, however, it would also help the vehicle fit in visually with the other vehicles around it.

Also the Japanese absolutely had access to the EAAK package. I made a suggestion for the Japanese one back on the old forums but I got dragged so hard for it I decided not to repost it. It’s a shame. Japan needs everything it can get, especially at low tier, and the AAVP-7A1 would add some playstyle variety.


It could also be added to China since the ROC uses it.


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I think if it were given M430A1 (which has 76mm of penetration instead of 51mm) it could be a worthwhile addition, perhaps as an event or battle pass vehicle. Otherwise, I don’t see much of a point in adding it.


Iirc, the Mk. 19 is compatible with proximity grenades as well. The velocity on them is still very low but such rounds could allow the vehicle to engage low flying air targets.


Oh god yes please

the one variant with the 105mm would be better then the one persented.

Can I have a group of marines in the back singing the the marine corp hymn?

Its a cool vehicle but no practical or any real usage in-game with current game modes and mechanics. If there was a sidemode where it had a special purpose (like a special objective or purpose vehicle) or coop that would be one thing.
But in the main head-on PVP mode(s) it has no use in BRs it could be added in other then a joke and time and manpower would be better spent on other vehicles. Now some of the later proposed replacements that went into prototype phase those could actually work.

Nah. Imo 76mm of pen, 72kph, massive amounts of empty space, and the potential to fire proximity rounds is easily enough to perform adequately at a BR of at least 5.0. The only major downside is its velocity, which can be mitigated through the utilization of hit-and-run-esque tactics. I think it certainly has a place in-game in spite of not being intended to fight other armored vehicles. Again, just my opinion. No real way to know for sure until a vehicle with the Mk 19 is added.

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