AAM-4/Type 99 air-to-air guided munitions

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AAM-4 (99式空対空誘導弾)
The AAM-4 is a Japanese FOX 3 rocket. Created to replace the AIM-7 Sparrow system, it has been in service since 1999.
JASDF has been using the AIM-7 system since 1974. Although this system was effective, it was quickly obsolete. The Japanese Ministry of Defense noted that neighboring countries were beginning work to replace the FOX 1 systems and decided that they also needed FOX 3 missiles. Work began in 1985, but at that time it was slow and poorly funded. Work began in full swing in 1994, when the successes of the American AIM-120 rocket were already known.The work lasted until 1999, when the system was introduced as the AAM-4 or Type 99 air-to-air guided munitions. The cost of the development work was 26.3 billion yen.





OIP (2)

One of the features of AAM-4 is that it uses a special modulation scheme for command transmitter, guidance head, proximity fuse, etc. This allows the AAM-4 to attack without being detected by radar and missile warning systems. Since this modulation system cannot transmit commands using the FCS radar, a guidance device called J/ARG-1 is required for AAM-4 to operate. In addition, by using a small, powerful and inexpensive gallium arsenide FET semiconductor instead of the traveling wave lamp (TWT) that was used in the past, tracking performance and anti-ECM and anti-clutter performance have been improved, and it is possible to respond to raging targets. In addition, the induction efficiency is improved by installing a compact fiber optic gyroscope with good response characteristics in the inertial guidance device.Another feature is the armament with a fragmentation directional warhead. In this method, a proximity fuse accurately captures the direction of an enemy aircraft through the built-in radar and conducts a concentrated attack, making it possible to inflict a large attack force more effectively than a conventional proximity fuze that scatters only fragments.
The AAM-4 missile is capable of destroying various air targets (aircraft, ballistic missiles, anti-ship missiles). It is resistant to ECCM. It has twice the range of the AIM-7.
Vehicles that can mount the AAM-4

  1. F-15J/DJ MSIP

R (1)


  1. F-2


General characteristics

  • Year of manufacture :1985-1999
  • Length: 366,7 cm
  • Diameter: 20,3 cm
  • Span: 77 cm
  • Weight: 220 kg
  • Main Engine: Solid rocket (manufactured by IHI Aerospace)


  • Warhead Weight: ?
  • Guidance system: inertial guidance, mid-course update + terminal active radar homing
  • Maximum speed: 4-5 Mach
  • Operational range: 100 km

The AAM-4 missile would be a good addition to the Japanese Air Force of the highest era. I suggest it so for the future because of the approaching FOX 3 rockets. It will provide an indigenous system for Japan for FOX 3 rockets. There is also a better version of this rocket, the AAM-4 (B), but that’s a topic for another suggestion. I encourage you to discuss in the comments and to share your own knowledge on this topic.
Finally, I apologize for the linguistic and logical errors because unfortunately English is not my main language and I had to use google translator.


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Can the f15 only carry 4 of the AAM-4?

+1 Hopefully soon with F-2A

Yes. (Though the F-15J in-game can’t use them at all)

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Eventually, of course. Though Japan’s first Fox-3s will undoubtedly by AIM-120Bs, with the AAM-4 coming later alongside other similarly more capable missiles like the 120C-5.

This might be a little misleading.

To use AAM-4 an aircraft needs J/ARG-1 transmitter, which F-15J didn’t have initially, but was added in the first F-15J MSIP upgrade. AAM-4 are carried on the same hardpoints as AIM-7 Sparrows, but not on the wing mounted hardpoints.
But if you’d still want 8 ARH missiles, the AIM-120B (and C-5, C-7, and C-8) that Japan had could be mounted on the wing mounted missile pylons, so you could have 4xAAM-4 and 4xAIM-120 as a loadout.


Woops, forgot to mention that I mean the in-game F-15J, sorry XD


Will the special modulation scheme by J/ARG-1 be reproduced in the game?
TRDI’s 50-year history and archives of JSDF weapons collected by volunteers may have useful information.

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To tell you the truth, I have no idea whether this function has been recreated