AAM-4(B)/Type 99 air-to-air guided munitions (B)

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AAM-4(B) ( 99式空対空誘導弾 (B))
The AAM-4(B) is an improved AAM-4 rocket. Work on it began in 2002, and it was introduced into service in 2010.
From 2002 to 2008, the Technical Research and Development Institute (TRDI) worked on improving the AAM-4 missiles. The work consisted of improving the attack capability, better ability to destroy cruise missiles, and improving the range and better ability to attack autonomously.In addition, they wanted to reduce the purchase price of new missiles. Throughout 2009, tests of the new rocket, which was accepted into service and purchased in 2010, were carried out.



OIP (1)


Modifications made

  1. Changing the guiding system to an active phase array and adding a new type of signal processing function.
  2. AESA radar installed
  3. Increased the range of the rocket to 120km
  4. The range of autonomous targeting is 1.4 times greater than that of AAM-4

These are not all changes, but some information will still be secret for a long time.

Vehicles that can mount the AAM-4(B)

  1. F-15J/DJ MSIP

  1. F-2 A/B
F-2 A/B



General characteristics

  • Year of manufacture :2002-2009
  • Years of production: 2010-?
  • Length: 366,7 cm
  • Diameter: 20,3 cm
  • Span: 77 cm
  • Weight: 220 kg
  • Main Engine: Solid rocket (manufactured by IHI Aerospace)


  • Warhead Weight: ?
  • Guidance system: inertial guidance, mid-course update + terminal active radar homing
  • Maximum speed: 4-5 Mach
  • Operational range: 120 km

The AAM-4(B) rocket would be a very interesting addition for Japan in War Thunder. It will provide better capabilities than the AAM-4 rocket, and in addition, both of these systems are interchangeable, so they should be used by the same aircraft. Its capabilities ensure the destruction of many air targets (aircraft, missiles) from safe distances. I encourage you to discuss in the comments and to share your own knowledge on this subject.
Finally, I apologize for the linguistic and logical errors because unfortunately English is not my main language and I had to use google translator.

Internet sources

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Book sources

+1 - Though we probly wont see it until AIM-120C-5, R-77-1 etc come

These are AIM-7M. Here some pictures of production F-2s with AAM-4 / B:

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Thanks for the tips, I can write about it, but I’m not an expert so I can’t distinguish these rockets

I made this a while back

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Yes it is helpful, but only when you are close to the racket. It won’t be visible on a plane in the distance.

Yeah thats true 😅

Simply said;
The main differences are the front surfaces; the AIM-7M has large control surfraces, while the AAM-4, similar to the AIM-120C-5, has fixed clipped wings. (green)
Since both share an identical body (hence a larger caliber than the AIM-120), the “line” on the belly of the AAM-4 is shorter. (red)
The rear control surfaces have also been modified and are therefore no longer pointed, but rather tapered, but not clipped. (yellow)

luckily, this side by side picture exists, haha