AA MGs for Soviet tanks

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Hello !

Today, I’d like to suggest the addition of anti-aircraft machine guns to low rank Soviet tanks.

As you may know, AA MGs were added to some German tanks, like the Panthers, a few years ago.
I’ll introduce you to the Soviet tanks that could benefit from getting an AA MG. Obviously, it’s not a big deal and the game won’t be unplayable because the T-28 doesn’t get a 4th DT but they look nice, can be useful in some circumstances and are generally easy to add.

First of all, to address a concern you may have, while Soviet tanks are usually depicted without any kind of roof MG, they were not that uncommon and are, say, more frequently seen than on tanks like the Pz. III series.

The following list encompasses the tanks that either have photographic evidence of having received an AA MG or physically could have received one but didn’t. The MG used is the classic DT that’s already used as a coaxial MG in a lot of tanks.

- BT-5
- BT-7 (and TD)
- BT-7M
- RBT-5 (could mount it)
- T-26 (and 1st. Gv.T.Br.)
- T-26E (could mount it)
- T-28 (1938)
- T-28
- T-28E
- T-35
- KV-1 (L-11)
- KV-1 (ZiS-5)
- KV-1E
- SMK (could mount it)

Historical photos


Pictured above is the P-40 AA mount on a T-26

Pictured above is an AA mount on a KV-1

A T-26 seen during the invasion of Iran in 1941

Tankodesantniki on a BT-5

A BT-7 lost during the early months of the war

Two different variants of the T-28 seen with an AA mount

An up-armored T-28

German soldiers posing on a T-35, the mount can clearly be seen

An early KV-1 armed with L-11

An up-armored KV-1

The KV-1 “Shchors” armed with ZiS-5, whose decal is in-game, had a roof MG

The incredibly famous F-32-armed KV-1 that fought at Raseiniai had a mount


It would be a nice feature to also be able to remove machine guns from the top of vehicles that are already in game, not sure if someone already made that suggestion yet.


Sure! Why not. +1

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A nice function to deprive yourself of air defence? Nuts!

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Yes, Finally a way to defend from cas