A32B and A32A

A32B should be 8.7, why?

  • no flares
  • slow
  • unusable in uptiers or even at the same br (9.3)
  • basic air to air missiles

A32A should be 8.3, why?

  • almost no flares
  • is only usable as cas or attack aircraft
  • slow
  • unusable in uptiers, struggles in 9.0

they both are fine were they are, this is a compression issue, they are too good for 8.7and 8.3

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by A32B im assuming you mean the J32B:

Both of these aircraft are fine and are comparable to other nations in terms of performance.

no flares

Having no flares is certainly an issue but not an unsolvable one. firstly, if you are getting killed by regular rear aspect missiles then you need to work on your situational awareness. If you are up against all aspect missiles, you can use your missiles or rockets as flares to spoof them. Does not work all of the time, but its all you got. This is a problem many other jets at 9.3/7 face, is not unique to these planes and is a result of br compression.


You say both are slow but both are transonic aircraft equipped with afterburners. If you play them properly, its super easy to energy trap even 8.7/9.0 jets. They can gain altitude quite quickly and turn quite well once you have the speed, though it does take some practice as they conserve energy quite well. If you manage your energy well both are competitive in terms of speed.

is only usable as a strike aircraft

Well not only is it quite a good one, it is also quite good at hunting aircraft, since its essentially the same J32B airframe but with weaker guns, engine and no missiles. Keep in mind that it is still an afterburning jet though, so it is even easier to energy trap and turn with the opponents you face. Plus if you are struggling with it, you can always bomb bases first, then go for air targets.

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no, not really, the J32B is not great but it should definitely not go to 8.7. 9.0 is slightly more reasonable but its more of a compression issue with the entire 8.7 to 10.3 BR in ARB.

now that is just unreasonable, the saab 105 is at 8.3 and it’s doing great. A32a with a after burner, CCIP, chaff pods would simply be too much for ground RB. And again this is the problem with having the same BR for GRB and ARB.
plus even when it was at 9.3, it was still one of the easiest aircraft to grind the air TT by bombing bases. If there is really some problems with the A32A, it is with ground RB: there is no good reason to take 9.3/9.7 line up for Sweden as that range is still very compressed.