A32A doesn't get Strike Aircraft spawn

It seems I found a bug, and I cannot find Bug Reports section.

The Swedish A32A Strike Aircraft does not get Strike Aircraft spawn. When loaded-down with a full bombs loadout, the plane is quite heavy and making it take off from the airfield means by the time this plane reaches the Bombing Base or Ground Units the enemy fighters are already destroying it with missiles. Note, this specific plane does not carry missiles so it is not comparable to fighters.

(update) My overall point is that the A32A is unplayable at its current BR, facing 10.3 jets because it’s BR is 9.3 currently. I suggested air-spawn to at least make it usable as a bombing plane, but if all jets are forced to airfield spawn then this jet needs a lower BR to be usable. Locking the thread doesn’t solve this plane’s issue.

fyi the Vautour gets Bomber Spawn.

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None of the strike aircraft from this Tier have air spawn. All of them start from airfield.

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As said by sh4d0w, all jets at this rank start from airfield.