A10A: Discrepency between in-game aim point and server-side replay

See below video clips. Gun convergence vertical aim is off (No). Observed a bunch of shots appearing to go straight through a target, consulted server replay after match finished and according to the server I aimed way over them and missed everything.

Anyone else seen this before? I’ve submitted a ticket over it here. Screenshots also included for quick reference.

Client side https://i.imgur.com/bWso2rT.mp4
Server side https://i.imgur.com/Cqtj8eX.mp4

From both picture → not the same moment.

I mean on one you have 1 engine dead, on the other there is 2 engine dead.

So,… i can’t say it is a bug or not, and if you’re right or not.

It is the same moment, look at the distance to the enemy plane. The damage displayed on the player side is, as you would expect, slightly delayed due to latency. If anything, the fact that the damage is ALSO different is further evidence that something is wrong.

If you doubt my claim I welcome you to watch both videos side-by-side.

I also would like to draw attention to where the target is in relation to the screen on both captures.

The imprecise one?

We can’t have the specific distance,… since in betwen 455.01 to 464.99 meters is a differences of about 10meters that would be displayed as 0.46km we can’t be specifically sure from those 2 screenshots that they’re at the same time of the game or not.

Both aircraft can have several degrees of AoA within those 10meters, making both screenshots nothing else but screenshots.

I’m unable to know the exact timing, and i would also say that the tracers of your ennemy are not set on you as well → hitting the wing not the engine/centermass.

I can’t do much but doubting your claim.
Because your evidences are imprecise.

But as in any Video games there is always latency in everyside → less visible in man-to-man gunfight maybe.

Every frame in the video, every 60th of a second, that number decreases. The closing velocity is over 800 km/h.

The MAXIMUM turn rate of an A10 is 29 seconds, or 12 degrees per second. The maximum change per frame is then 0.2 degrees. The 2 images are more than 10 degrees apart, or more than 20 times what is possible.

In addition, in the in-game shot, you can see the outer circle which is my commanded input, and you can see it lines up with exactly where the plane is pointing, that is it will not change significantly from frame to frame.

If you actually want to assess the scenario instead of inventing silly reasons why PART of the evidence I have presented MIGHT be somehow wrong - and it isn’t - then watch the two videos I have provided.

Let me state it again, since you missed it the first and second time.

Watch the two videos. These two. That I will link again.

Client side https://i.imgur.com/bWso2rT.mp4
Server side https://i.imgur.com/Cqtj8eX.mp4

I don’t care on what you think is right/not right,… i know you can’t.

Wrong, by testing done, the Sustained turnrate of an A-10A can reach up to 15.83degrees ,… and that’s the Sustained turn rate, so maximum peak is always higher than that.

I can watch whatever videos, there is no proof of what you’re claiming.

Even more since your current ping is of 214ms in the first picture.

If you had something like 50 or less, i wouldn’t say, but you’re fighting latency, from which server side is not the problem.

I have never had less than 200ms ping, and never had this issue with other aircraft. You are clearly just arguing in bad faith. Please take your rhetoric somewhere it might actually be useful instead of just antagonizing.