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Description: The Agusta A109k was one of the first proposed and produced military variants. The Agusta A109 was developed as a civil helicopter in the 1960s, but due to some issues with the engine, it flew for the first time only in 1969. In 1975, Agusta made the first armed variant of the A109, the A109 AT, which was used in a small number by the Italian army. In 1976, the Italian army bought a total of five A109A, and two of them (the EI 854 and the EI 855) were converted to the AT variant for testing the TOW anti-tank missile.The second military variant was the CM, which was used in the Italian army in 24 units (in the EOA2 and EOA1 versions) and by the Belgian army (in the BA version). In the 1990s, a new variant (the most modern one) was planned, and it was called the A109 LUH (Light Utility Helicopter). The first one was made around 2003, and it was sold to various countries like South Africa and Malaysia. It is still in service today. The K version was one of the first military variants ever produced. It was the military version of the civil A109A MKII, and it presented several differences compared to the previous model: it was featured with the French Turbomeca Arriel 1K and a fixed gear instead of a retractable one. The first and only customer was Chile, with a total of 5 units ordered in 1988 for a total of 21 million dollars. The helis were transported by cargo plane to Perù, and they entered service from 1990 to 1991. The helicopter was upgraded in 2003, and it is still in service today. Of the five of 1991, only two are operative now, with a third under upgrade. The helicopters under the Peruvian service participated in the 1981 war against Ecuador, where the Peruvian A109k were used for transport, logistic missions, and medevac. But today we are here to talk not about the normal A109K but about a different A109K, the A109K I-DACE. The I-DACE was a prototype owned by Agusta, and it was slightly different compared to the series one. It was tested with a new optic on the cockpit and with other weapons that the normal K was not able to carry. It was shown at different times at various air shows in 1984 and 1985. Like the I-DVCM, after some years it was reconverted to be a civil helicopter, and its fate is pretty obscure and unknown. The last photo was from 1990, after it was reconverted into a medical camo. Talking about its performance, it was powered by the Turbomeca Arriel 1K engine with a total of 723 hp of trusth and a max speed of 305 KM/H. It was equipped with several types of rokets and the Tows wire-guided missiles.

Why it should be in game: Altought it will be similar to the alredy in game A109 EOA2, it will have some difference to make it a good squadron/Event/premium veichles, or as someone tought , it can be the starter of a possible future utility Heli line in the Italian TT.



Rotor diameter: 10.83 m
Length: 12.93 m
Height: 3.42m
Rotor surface area: 81.39 m2
Empty weight: 1592 kg
Maximum take-off weight : 2850 kg
Maximum speed: 285 km/h
Hovering ceiling in ground effect: 4.672 m
Maximum range: 700 km
Crew: 2-4
Passengers: up to 6

Weapons/Avaible Lodouts


4x Tows wired anty tank missiles
2x 12.7machinegun pod
Variuous 70 mm rokets pods
Various 50 mm rokets pods
2x double 7.62 machinegun pod
2x 7.62 mm Door machinegun
2x 12.7 mm Door machinegun
New Optic on the cockpit



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AgustaWestland AW109 - Wikipedia

Agusta A-109 "Hirundo" helicopter - development history, photos, technical data

A - 109K by Johe Hernández on Prezi





















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