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Description: Back in the 1980s, the Belgian army was looking for a new support/recon/Observation helicopter to replace the old Aluette II, which was only armed with a machine gun and was only capable of doing recon missions. The Belgian Army selected the AW109 in the model CM (renamed by the Belgian Air Force BA) to resolve this problem. A total of 46 helicopters (28 modified to carry the Tow missiles and 18 LUH) were ordered on December 8, 1988, by the Italian company Agusta, and they were all delivered between 1992 and 1994. This helicopter was a very big improvement for the Belgian Air Force compared to the old helicopters before it. They were assigned to the 17 and 18 Multi-Role Helicopter Squadrons, and their main roles were: anti-tank/armed support, medical evacuation, and transport. After 2003, the helicopters were transferred to the Belgian Air Force, and some of them were stored at the Zutendaard air base. It also took part in the Mali civil war in 2012. Today, there are a total of 18 A109 BAs in the Belgian Air Force. Talking about the statistics of the aircraft itself, it was fitted with two Allison 250 C20R1 engines, which give this helicopter a maximum speed of 311 km/h with a maximum trusth of 335 kw. It was equipped with a good amount of weapons that consisted of 8 x 2A ATGM, various 81 and 70 mm rifles, and 12.7 machinegun pods.

Why it should be in the game: The Italian Heli TT premium section is empty (the only two premiums heli were both removed) and this helicopter can be a good start to fill this gap. The Italian A109CM can go the the TT after the A109 EOA2 and this one can be a very good Premium/squadron/Event option since the lodout between the Italian and the Belgian one has some difference.


Crew: 1-2

Passengers: 6-7

Propulsion: 2 Turboshaft Engines

Engine: Allison 250-C20R1

Engine Power (each): 335 kW

Max. Cruise Speed: 278 km/h150 kts
Max. Speed: 311 km/h168 kts

Service Ceiling: 4.572 m15.000 ft

Rate of climb: 503 m/min1650 ft/min

Range: 948 km512 NM
Empty Weight: 1.418 kg3.126 lbs

Max. Takeoff Weight: 2.600 kg5.732 lbs

Rotor Blades (main/tail): 4/2

Main Rotor Diameter: 11,00 m36 ft 1 in

Tail Rotor Diameter: 2,03 m6 ft 8 in

Rotor Disc Area: 95,0 m²1023 ft²

Length (Fuselage): 11,45 m37 ft 7 in

Length: 13,04 m42 ft 9 in

Height: 3,40 m11 ft 2 in


  • HF
  • VHF / UHF
  • CNR (Combat Net Radio)
  • Homing


  • RMI (Radio Magnetic Indicator)
  • ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)
  • Doppler / GPS
  • SHIU (Stand and Hover Indication Unit)
  • MDU (Map Display Unit)

Other systems installed in the A-109BA are:

  • 2 Control Display Units (CDU)
  • Radio altimeter
  • Encoder altimeter
  • IFF (Identification Friend of Foe Mode 1,2,3A,4C)
  • TAS
  • Flares
  • Sight line indicator
  • Dual axis autopilot


Air to Ground:

8x Tow 2A

4x Tow 2A

2x FN HMP 12.7 mm Machinegun pods

2x Fz231 rokets launcher

2x 70 mm rokets launcher

2x 81 mm rokets launcher

2x 7.62 mm Door gun

Air to Air:

2x AIM9 Sidewinder



AgustaWestland AW109 - Wikipedia

http://www.worldwide-military.com/Military-Heli/Attack heli/Links/A-109_Agusta_EN.htm

A109 Belgi operativi nel Mali | SOBCHAK SECURITY - est. 2005



Runway 28



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Belgian air force agusta a109 hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy


North American T-6 Harvard

Agusta A109BA Belgian Army Aviation H08 0308 Koninklijk Legermuseum Brussel 2013-04-01 � Karsten Palt, ID 6494

AGUSTA A109" BA H-45 0345 17Squ MRH Phalsbourg septembre … | Flickr

r/Helicopters - Belgian A109 armed with Helitow anti-tank missiles (HA) used for anti-tank missions and armed with air to air missiles (3rd picture). [Album]



Belgian air force agusta a109 hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

A-109 Agusta / AgustaWestland AW109 helicopter of the Belgian Air Component, Belgium Stock Photo - Alamy

Agusta a 109 hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy


+1 for as a premium for Italy, or a researchable vehicle in a Belgian (sub)tree

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Awesome Belgian heli! hope to see it soon, maybe as an event- or tech tree vehicle.