A10 totally broken AGMs

A10 totally broken AGMs don’t reach tanks and when they do they don’t destroy the enemy, AIM9 doesn’t work either, any nation other than the USSR is broken.

Totally unbalanced anti-aircraft guns killing enemies 10km away, making it impossible to play by plane

Galera comprei o A10 premium simplesmente não mato ninguem, até nas partidas personalizadas que eu crio para testar os misseis AGM não matam os BOTs e na maioria das vezes nem chega a encostar nos tanques do solo, outra coisa, AAA nesse jogo é muito desbalanceado, o cara te mete um missel a 10km de distancia e seu AGM nao mata ele até em distancias mais perto, costumo chegar a 7/8km da area do tanques disparo os AGMs e dou meia volta, não mato ninguem e todo um missel na bunda.

Skill issue if you cant kill flareless planes in your A-10 with 9L lol


I don’t have a skill problem man, the game is simple and aim and shoot, I don’t play air battle because this mode is rubbish, I play realistic tanks and several times I lock the AIM9 on the enemy and the missile goes straight through, In other words, A10 is useless, long live Russian supremacy in Warthunder.

The mavericks have a rough range of 6 km so launching further than that has a chance of it to not have enough energy to hit its target and Yes, they often don’t one shot enemies.
(smart spaa players will smoke and hide if they see you fire your mavericks )

But to say the AIM9L doesn’t work is something else, its either you’re firing it too far or its a skill issue.

NO spaa at 10.3 is killing you from 10km