A10 missing almost 300lbs of thrust on engines

the engines on the a10 a to the C never changed. Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II - Wikipedia
“Upgrades included all-weather combat capability,[33] an improved fire-control system (FCS), electronic countermeasures (ECM), smart bomb targeting, a modern communications suite including a Link 16 radio and Satcom,[33] and cockpit upgrades comprising two multifunction displays and HOTAS configuration mixing the F-16’s flight stick with the F-15’s throttle” and it also got HMD

Is that wiki

1.65% isn’t even statistically significant in science. = )

It is in my field when it comes to our engineering install drift, we have a margin of deviation from engineering specs with a maximum of .08%.

As it stands right now, the TF34 of the A-10A would not pass our QC.


Haha yeah should have mentioned that my field is bugs, plants and fungi, so we are a bit less precise… ;-)

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Understandable, the natural sciences are indeed outside of my forte.

Makes sense to have a bit more drift because of how living things function.

Ah yes, the timeless Cpt_Bel_V argument

dont like wiki links even though they are a reputable source of info? well here is 2 different links that show that the engines never changed



I don’t care if it’s reputable or not, the wiki provides the sources from which their information was derived… Why not just use the original source? I’m not even attacking your argument… I’m just pointing at poor discussion practice.

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