A Sound of Thunder! The Release of War Thunder Mobile

I have completed all the tasks and recived the rewards. I have 2 questions however.

  1. Can you equip the nickname decorator in the PC version, if so how?

  2. Is the french M4 and the US ship only rewarded in the mobile game or can I expect them to show up on PC as well?

Thanks - found it - have just upgraded my phone and hadn’t figured out where the Apps were hiding!! :/

I have old phone with not supported Android version, so I can’t install it, is possible to try this game on PC via some emulator? Does it work?

Hi there, sorry for the late reply.

  1. No.
  2. Only rewarded in the mobile version of the game.
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Hi, thanks for your concerns. Very sorry that you found the information confusing. What parts of the information on our website did you find a mess? I’d like make sure that in the future it doesn’t happen again.

The task description:

→ there is no hint that its only possible when playing tanks

→ same here, but it was actually doable as a tank.

Comment from:

21 August 2023
“Take 1st place three times on your team.” Isn’t working for naval battles, but “Win 3 battles.” can be done by tanks?

21 August 2023
You can do it all in any mode.


I did 2/3 with the Tankmode, but couldnt get the last one – and tried to switch to naval and did the last 1st place there, did it not count, and get then informed by Support that its not possible to do it in Naval. Thats very frustrating.

Thank you, I will make sure that something like this doesn’t happen again.

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And also explain me how come I bought a 40 dollar Amx 25T platoon on mobile and this freaking tanks cannot pen anything. The ammo that has been given for those tanks are terrible and the Tiger 2 and T54 are almost impenetrable. I cannot find the official War Thunder Mobile Forum this is bs.

I’m the same 1st places didn’t register and I didn’t get the Sherman just the destroyer and the profile pic! Ripped off!

Cant find a place to discuss mobile, can snail change what phones are compatible in google play? Its annoying to update via apk

WT Mobile discord: WT Mobile

is there an “Official” Main WT discord?, if there is I can never find it

You are kidding right now o.O? Have you tried to click link I posted one post above your question?

He meant a discord server for the PC version

@Stona_WT Is there any plans for adding support for low end phones? Currently WT mobile requires a decent phone to play the game.

We do not have plans for this.

Sorry, I do not know.
Please use WT Mobile Discord to discuss WT Mobile hardware requirements.

Thats War Thunder mobile, not War Thunder PC/Console which I am interested in

We do not have Discord for War Thunder.
You are in War Thunder Mobile thread.