A small event for a small nation... all the latest news from the past 3 days related to warthunder

Hello everyone,

So, I just released a new video related to the news that I’m reading from WarThunders website. All the news I’ve read is 3 days or newer. In the video I talk about 3 posts that Gaijin made related to WarThunder I will put a link below the link to the video to them. Enjoy, and have a great time!

My new video:
(29) A small event for a small nation “Swedish Armed Forces Day: The SAV 20.12.48 and a Decal!” and more! - YouTube

Talking point 1:
[Special] Swedish Armed Forces Day: The SAV 20.12.48 and a Decal! - News - War Thunder

Talking point 2:
Update - Updates - Game - War Thunder

Talking point 3:
[Video] Thunder Show: SECRET SKILLS - News - War Thunder

Nice job!

Some things I would do to upgrade:

  1. Put chapters in the video(so people can look for what are interesting parts for them)
  2. Add screenshot of news page you are reading on the screen.
  3. Not sure if it’s just me, but your voice seems kinda flat, monotonne, there is no excitement, kinda like read by robot

Those are my 2 cents, good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback!