A review of the B1 Ter

The B1 Ter is now one of my favorite vehicles after playing it for a few days, it is devastating in its BR range and the only real problem it has is the higher penetrating guns at the higher BR range such as the 75mm on the Shermans or the Cannons of the Pz.IV. The main thing that makes this tank so good is that it has a ton of armor for a 2.7 vehicle as it can angle the wails and effectively. The guns are good together but the small one is mediocre and the larger one has aphe and higher pen so it is pretty decent in terms of firepower. It has decent mobility for a low tier heavy tank, I would class it as sluggish but not slow. The only bad part of this tank is probably that it can be flanked relatively easily, but then the side armor is good too so you do not have to worry about much. This tank really is an armored beast as the B1 Bis was already a beast. Definitely recommend 8.8/10