A plea for smaller battels for high tier air rb

So Fox 3s are confirmed for the update after this one, yet we have overly packed battles
Do you think matches have too many players (10.3 upward)

  • Yes
  • No
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I asked for the same thing last time as well, we need smaller matches, it will allow for an actual matchmaker instead of everything v everything which has been the worst temp fix gaijin has done that is still ingame

Already with non active missiles matches are packed and crowded, with even these ARHs it will become considerably worse than it is now



16v16 was already too much for high-end SARH missiles. With ARH becoming standard we need to lower the player count. Personally I think 8v8 would be perfect


The irony is that sometimes the scale of aerial combat in WWII’s Air RB is only 6V6.

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Oh god yes please fuck. I Rarely play now because of how unfun the state of top tier is.

Forum mods, can you guys actually do your jobs and forward posts with traction to the devs. There’s been so many posts on this topic but i’ve yet to see this suggestion or suggestions for a change in the game mode itself get through
Here. For reference


Id prefer same players on a much larger map, with spawns/airfields spread out, ground target objects spread out. I preferred the 60 minute battle timer that air matches had years ago, people actually tried to survive until the end of the match, allowed opportunity to ground pound late match etc. The trend to smaller, faster, and more abrupt clashes that end in a single giant furball in the center of the map has always been an issue for me as i prefer the more methodical, slower pace of hunting for targets, engaging, and either failing or surviving for the next engagement. I understand thats not everyones opinion, but as this is a poll, I figured id throw in my two cents.


The real problem is not that there are too many players, the real problem is all players spawn in at single region on the map, then move towards another region.

If Gaijin spawns all player in a line across the map, the feeling of overcrowded will be drastically reduced.

Modern engagement procedure also requires fighter separate themselves by some kilometers when expecting engagement to occur.

Even if player count reduces to 5 players on each side, you can still feel overcrowded when all 10 players decide to fight within a 2x2 km box.

The real fix is separate each player’s spawn point by 4km (at least 2) in a line perpendicular to the direction of flight, so that 15 players will span 60km in width. By spawning players in such way, if you start furball, at most 10 players (5 on each side) can reach you and third party you within 30 seconds, assuming they turn to you the instant you start the furball and did not die along the way.

By spawning players much spreaded across, each game can offer an unique experience since terrain that players fly over will be drastically different than previous spawn on the same map.