A new graphics model

The graphics and vehicle models are very detailed and that causes many to not be able to play the game due to its graphic load, a way to mitigate this to a degree,It would be the implementation of simplified models, the tanks inside have the textures of the internal modules, and many of those are not visible, which means an unnecessary use of resources, With simplified models, there would be more people in war thunder, since it would not be so restricted by the technical capabilities of the users

It even Works on AMD APUs with integrated graphics, don’t see the problem here


No problems here…

Maybe time to upgrade the 10 year old GPU to a minimum of 8GB GDDR6.

Not really. When not visible, the graphics engine does not render that part of the mesh or textures for that object. Usually its not even loaded in memory.

Upgrade from a 10 year old GPU to a 9 year old one as thats when 8gb entered the midrange.

But what they experiencing is really more related to loading from storage more than anything graphics related.

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i don’t understand this post, there already is simplified graphics models option in the client.
what you are complaining about is already fixed and does exist.

It’s not just the size of the ram. DDR5 gpu ram came out 9 years ago and DDR6 is now the way to go for the last 5 years. Even consoles don’t have DDR6 yet I think. (Edit: my son just told me the new consoles out now have just upgraded to GDDR6). My RTX 2060 super copes more than fine, but it is already 4 years old. I run the game on HQ graphics optimised by GeForce Experience and still play at 100-130 fps.

If loading is the problem it could be bottle necking or they need an SSD which is quicker than normal HDDs for information transfer. The more complicated the game, the more code there is, and more code that needs processing. These days, HDDs can struggle to keep up. Even consoles have SSDs now instead of HDDs.

i use a 7 years old gpu and i can run it almost at film settings

*gddr6 (notably different)
Yes they do and they have since 4 years ago.

And actually its really just the size of the ram when it comes to texture culling issues, or paging to ram/disk.

One can be pedantic and point to improvements in compressing textures but when push comes to shove you will see the same texture culling on a 8gb GDDR6 GPU in Halo as you see on a 8gb GDDR5 GPU in the same game. Its why something like a 1080ti with its 11 gigs of GDDR5x will actually look better than the 3070ti with 8gb of GDDR6x in Halo due to less texture culling.